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Thread: Where Did I Go

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    Where Did I Go

    A little over two months ago.I was at our cruise night in Hooksett sitting in my chair by my car.People where walking around looking at the car's as the often do.I was talking to a couple of members and wives or girlfriends not sure.I was asked if I had been to Maine lately and I said a couple of weeks ago.I then said I was heading to the Cape Cod next day and was taking the Mustang.I was asked by one of the women where on the Cape I said I was heading to P-Town.When I was told why would you go there there's nothing but Faggs and Queer's there.I must say I was taken Back by those words and said be nice.Again I was asked by one of the women why there I said my son Kevin Owns an Inn there.Next words were so your son cater's to Faggs and Queer's.I said maybe he also has couple stay there its quite pricey at two hundred to four hundred a night.My temper was at the boiling point.As a looked over the situation I said to myself your an Old Man and trying something I would have gotten hurt.I then said for you information my son Kevin is Gay. I was then told thats your problem.I then got up and went to my car to get a bottle of water when I looked back they were all gone .I was so mad that if i could have gotten my hands on something I would have done something I would have regretted.Its sad that this go's on but it happens everyday.So not to put myself in a situation with this person again and have an incident that would embrasses the Club or put me in a bad state with the authorities its best to walk away.There have been all kinds of assumptions on what has happened to Dennis.So Now you know.I have made a lot of friends with NHMC and this is my loss. But know one F--cks with my Family.So this is why I have stepped aside I have also Sold my car its been a tuff couple of months.My thanks also to Kevin and Ed for there friendship and concern.If this Post is taken off because it not the proper venue I will understand. Now you know!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That is awful! Anyone this point in time who feels like that and feels the need to say such hateful things is a real asshole in my opinion! Nobody should ever treat another human that way. I hope you reconsider Dennis! You and Nancy are great people. It saddens me to think a fellow member treated another in that fashion. I for one did not sign up for this nor do I like any fellow NHMC spreading such hateful & hurtful things!

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    That's terrible Dennis. It's mind boggling in that even in the 21st century there are still neanderthals among us spouting out hateful rhetoric. Sadly, this is an example of how one person's idiotic voice can overwhelm the majority. That such small-mindedness still exists makes me weep for our society.
    Dennis, you are a great guy, and have a great family. I'm saddened that you sold your car over this, but I think I can understand your reaction. But don't think that this one ass represents the whole club.

    Please don't be a stranger-- you know that you are always welcome, even without a Mustang.

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    Sorry to hear about how you were treated...Sure going to miss seeing you at the cruise night, Always had good conversation with you....And like Jim said Please don't be a stranger!!!!

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    Very Sad day.....

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    Yup narrowed mindless bullshit. But don't let the hate win.

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    Dennis, I am so sorry to hear this! I am horrified that you were subjected to that kind of hateful ignorance. There is no excuse for that, especially at that kind of event and to such a person as yourself. I certainly have considered you a friend and still do. I hope this does not mean that we won't see you again. You have been sorely missed. I am also really pissed that one bigoted idiot has cost the club such am amazing member as yourself. We are all the poorer for it.
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    Dennis, this is sad is so many ways. I will say that I have been asking people where you were, and am glad to hear that you are healthy. I am very sad and mad to hear about the situation though. I also agree with "no one F@$%s with family". You have to do what you feel is right, but let me say that you are a great member and hope that you still try to make some appearances at some of our events.
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    Very sorry to hear what happened.. Not cool at all ! Honestly cant even imagine it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToplessPony94 View Post
    I am also really pissed that one bigoted idiot has cost the club such am amazing member as yourself. We are all the poorer for it.
    This is perhaps the most important reason that this situation is completely unacceptable in what was supposed to be a family environment. Dennis was always there to help with Cruise Night, ED DAY, and major NHMC events. To have a his and hers pair of narrow minded imbeciles deprive the club of a valued and productive member hurts the group as a whole.
    We have always teased each other in a harmless and fun way, but as Ryan and I discussed- You never, ever say stuff about people's wives, children, or family (unless you're telling someone their wife is HOT).
    I actually feel really bad for the individual responsible for this because not only does it show they are an uneducated ignorant neanderthal, but eventually they are going to get a well deserved punch in the mouth when their diarrhea of the mouth writes a check that their sorry ass can't back up. KARMA is a beeyatch
    Last edited by LILBLKSNAKE; 08-11-2013 at 09:48 PM.

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