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Thread: 2024 Mustang

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    2024 Mustang

    According to Ford it looks like 2024 Mustang will be final mustang as we know. After 2024 it's going electric

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    Just returned from 2023 Carlisle ALL Ford Nationals. Ford did big on stage presentation of the NEW 2024 Mustang called Dark Horse. First new name given since Bullitt.
    Best I know NOT going electric. Ford said as a company they will maintain some gas, some electric.

    New Dark Horse now has 2 air intakes. Because a horse has 2 air intakes.
    This stang will have - ready - 500 hp naturally asperated. Yes 500 hp without any turbos. Because only current factory car to do this. Will have a functional rear spoiler. The Dark Horse color there was a dark gray with copper metalics in it. Lots inside goodies.
    Carlisle 2024 Dark Horse stang 3.jpgCarlisle 2024 Dark Horse stang 1.jpg
    Carlisle 2024 Dark Horse stang 2.jpg

    Carlisle 2024 stangs.jpg

    Update - this was just posted today 6/14/23:
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