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    Wow! It's been a long time - I had no idea that this forum was still going!
    New updates with me - for the 1st time in 20 years I'm Mustang-less.
    Sold my 90 GT convertible last month and picked up a 2000 Miata.

    What everyone else been up to?

    Jim C
    Founder and former moderator of this board

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    Hey Jim! Good to hear from you! Sorry to hear you are Mustang-less. Do you plan to get another one?

    I still have the 94 vert, though it's mostly been a garage queen lately. I spent 2020 and 2021 doing very little with it due to Covid. This year has been more of the same, due to many pressing issues I've had to deal with as well as a confluence of medical issues, some of which made working a clutch rather painful. I'm hoping for a better Mustang year in 2023.

    I'm sorry to say that "everyone else" is not many -- there are only about 6 of us left active on here.
    TFS TW heads, rockers, 75mm intake, cam, 75mm TB, CAI, MAF, DeatschWerks 35# injectors, Aeromotive rails/regulator, 255 pump, BeCool rad, alum water pump, MSD 6A/coil, alum flywheel, PP, driveshaft, McLeod clutch, Torsen T2R, 3.73, 31spline axles, 17" 95 Cobra R, NT-05 255/275, MM CC plates, coil-over (Bilstein), rlca, K-brace, A-arms, SF conns, Cobra brakes, =len shorties, 2.5" SS Hpipe, Borla CB...

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    I probably will get another Mustang at some point but my V8 itch is well scratched
    by my daily driver: a Mercedes E550 with a 5.5L V8 and about 400 hp.

    The Miata is a whole new thing for me. Never really got the whole small roadster thing.
    But it is a freaking HOOT to drive. (and really isnt as slow as i thought it would be.)
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