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Thread: 1989 toyota celica gt convertible

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    1989 toyota celica gt convertible

    I just picked up a new client that moved here from wisconsin and have a 1989 toyota celica gt convertible with 117000 miles and would like to sell it. Any thoughts of places they could advertise locally? I know, it's not a mustang just trying to help a client

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    Facebook marketplace and craigslist ... both free and easy to post a for-sale ad on.

    Mine: '13 Mustang GT Track Pk. 2.3L Whipple, 608 RWHP, 517 RWTQ.
    Hers: '08 GT500 '13-'14 2.3L TVS & injectors, 656 RWHP, 661 RWTQ.

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