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Thread: Motorcraft battery pricing

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    Motorcraft battery pricing

    Lisa's '08 Shelby needs a new battery. Her 7-year-old NAPA battery has started the car for the last time, some time last year. It's now deader than dead, even though it's been hooked up to a battery tender since we put the cars in storage at the end of last year.

    We're only considering Motorcraft at this point, the BXT-40R battery.
    It's their top-of-the-line series, 3-year free replacement, warranty total 100 months.

    I found it as low as $129 at some local dealers, I'm wondering if anybody in the club might have a hook-up for an even lower price.

    Yes, I'm frugal ... I like to keep as much of my money in my own pocket, haha.

    Thanks for looking.

    Thanks even more if you have some info for me

    Mine: '13 Mustang GT Track Pk. 2.3L Whipple, 608 RWHP, 517 RWTQ.
    Hers: '08 GT500 '13-'14 2.3L TVS & injectors, 656 RWHP, 661 RWTQ.

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    Try contacting Ed Y as he works at Stoneham Ford...

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