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Thread: Anyone know where I can get an R-12 Refrigerant refill

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    Anyone know where I can get an R-12 Refrigerant refill

    Ive called about 5 auto parts store with no luck, anyone know where I can get R12 refrigerant for an 86 5.0?

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    This stuff should work just fine for you. Works great in my 94. I've seen it on eBay, too.

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    You can still buy actual cans of R12 on ebay. It's not cheap, but still easy to get. Roughly $30-40/can or so. I have my license to purchase R-12 but have never been asked as most seller just have you fill out the waiver that states you are buying the R-12 to give to a licensed person to install.

    Anyway, over the years I've purchased enough to refill my '88 three times if ever needed.

    However, given the cost of the refrigerant, i'd definitely want to check the system for leaks prior to filling as it's pretty pricey to spend $100 or so a season on the stuff only to have it leak out. System capacity is 40 oz of R12.
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