Part of my winter mods on my Shelby included wet sanding it to eliminate most of the orange peel and getting a "smooth as glass" look like my 07. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS, stick with the basics ! So as you can imagine, taking sandpaper to anything is nerve-wracking, so doing to your car is a whole other thing ! So as you can see in the pics, you need to get the orange peel eliminated by "smoothing" out the clear coat to the point there is no orange peel left and the panel has a nice clean sheen to it. I started with 2000 grit and followed up with 3000 grit. Then a 3 step paint correction to finish it off. Will top it off with a coat of Brilliant Glaze and some Patriots wax, all from Adams of course. Lots of hours but the results are amazing. Take a look at the pictures posted of the white cabinets with the Ford service sign. The first pic looks great with nice shine and depth to the paint, but look at the second pic. The lines in the cabinet and sign are now very defined and clear. Amazing results. Should be done this weekend. New hood showed up as well. Going to paint and stripe as well. FYI I tried loading all the pics and they wouldn't load correctly so missing a lot of I spoke about !! Hope you get the idea.