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Thread: Hi everyone, I'm selling my Mustangs, all of em

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    Cool Hi everyone, I'm selling my Mustangs, all of em

    Hi everyone, this is Matt Crow. I had another username a while ago but cannot remember what it was or what email I used to reset it.

    Regardless, hope everyone is doing well. My wife and I had 2 little boys over the last few years and I haven't had the time or desire to spend on my cars anymore.
    So, no sense in hanging on to them. I'm at the beginning stages of getting the following cars ready for sale:

    1965 2+2 Fastback-347 Stroker, 4 speed Toploader Red. Motor built by Rick- 1200ish miles on motor no rust anywhere
    2007 Shelby GT500-Alloy with Silver stripes. 5.4L Supercharged with lowering kit, springs, rear suspension upgrades done by Rick 11K miles
    2003 GT Convertible. 4.6L auto Gray with black top 38k miles

    You guys have seen them all, they're in the same shape as the last time they were at a show or cruise night except they're all dusty.
    I'm getting ready to get them all back on the road and sell them, but this post is to gauge any interest from members or people members know.
    I'm not pricing them at this second as I'm still researching current prices but I'm planning on pricing them to move.
    Again, just putting this out there for NHMC as a pre-listing to gauge interest, if any.

    We miss seeing you all, but 60 hour work weeks and 2 little monsters leave little time to breathe much less anything else right now.

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    GLWS, but post some pics. It will be easier to help you sell if someone can see the car.

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    Pictures would be good but I curious on prices you are asking

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    Thread moved to Horse Auction. They sound like nice ponies - wish I had a place to keep another one. Good luck.
    TFS TW heads, rockers, 75mm intake, cam, 75mm TB, CAI, MAF, DeatschWerks 35# injectors, Aeromotive rails/regulator, 255 pump, BeCool rad, alum water pump, MSD 6A/coil, alum flywheel, PP, driveshaft, McLeod clutch, Torsen T2R, 3.73, 31spline axles, 17" 95 Cobra R, NT-05 255/275, MM CC plates, coil-over (Bilstein), rlca, K-brace, A-arms, SF conns, Cobra brakes, =len shorties, 2.5" SS Hpipe, Borla CB...

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    I wish I had money !
    It's alive... it's ALIIIIVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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    Pictures and prices!!

    Mine: '13 Mustang GT Sterling Gray, MT82, Recaros, Track Pk. 2.3L Whipple, VMP heat exchanger, 608 RWHP, 517 RWTQ.
    Mine: '06 Tundra 4x4 V8 AccessCab. Silver. LT265/75R16's, leveled w/Bilstein 5100's
    Hers: '08 GT500 White/blue stripes, '13-'14 2.3L TVS & injectors, 656 RWHP, 661 RWTQ.
    Hers: '03 Forester, green, 5-speed.

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