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Thread: Lori and Geroges 07 Shelby Detail

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    Lori and Geroges 07 Shelby Detail

    Since George gets all the credit for the 2014 GT he drives, poor Lori has to drive the ole scratched black Shelby they bought in the fall. No awards at the show, not a lot of talk about it compared to Georges 14.Poor Lori. Well Lori's going to stand out now !! I just finished their 07 Shelby and I think she might be turning a head or two now. They dropped the car off after Ed Day and picked it up this past week. It needed some TLC but in the end, it really came back to life. Next time you both of them say hi to Lori and her shiny car !! Here are some pics.IMG_2885.JPGIMG_2884.JPGIMG_2882.JPGIMG_2881.JPGIMG_2890.JPGIMG_2891.JPGIMG_2892.JPGIMG_2878.JPGIMG_2894.JPGIMG_2905.JPGIMG_2900.JPGIMG_2902.JPG
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