With WOW show right around the corner, Todd asked me to give his ride a little lovin before the Boston show. It was done a couple weeks ago when we were dodging some weather, but he picked it up on the right day and he's ready for the show. Here are some before and after pics. 4 more cars to go that I'm detailing for the show, will post those pics as time goes on.IMG_2604.JPGIMG_2605.JPGIMG_2606.JPGIMG_2608.JPGIMG_2609.JPGIMG_2610.JPGIMG_2615.JPGIMG_2620.JPGIMG_2623.JPGIMG_2630.JPGIMG_2631.JPGIMG_2633.JPGIMG_2613.JPGIMG_2617.JPGIMG_2635.JPGIMG_2637.JPGIMG_2641.JPGIMG_2643.JPG