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Thread: What states have the Rudest Drivers?

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    Cool What states have the Rudest Drivers?

    Right place to post?

    Anyone else see this today?

    Boy, I never knew our club brothers in Mass were rated so badly.


    Anyone else that drives a lot across the states have a comet?

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    Heard on NPR last week that a different survey of states with the worst (as opposed to rudest) has Mass in 1st position of dubious honor. While I was listening to the spot I was driving on Rt 3 in Mass during the time the spot as on air I witnessed 5 cut-offs and 3 flip-offs. LOL!
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    actually saw this on the news last night, I didn't think that many people even lived in Idaho

    before all the Mass haters pile on, I will admit...being a transplant from out of state it's easy to see that Mass is deserving of being on the list.......
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    Haters? Noooo. Not us!

    They are the rudest drivers because the roads are some of the worst on the planet. haha.

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    One advantage of being a recovered Masshole and learning to drive in and around around Massachusetts and Boston -- there's very little traffic-wise that will intimidate me. I remember driving in Atlanta a few years ago -- it "supposedly" has some of the worst commuter traffic of any city -- I hit Atlanta at 5pm on a friday and was amazed... they actually leave space between their cars and use their turn signals! LOL, was like a sunday drive.

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