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  1. Well first of all its great to hear from you !! Hope all is well, surgery ? Whenever its a good time for you to have it done is fine with me. What am I doing to it, scratch removal with a machine, interior, engine bay ?? Tell me what your thoughts are and I will be glad to accommodate you. Usual time for detail is 3-4 days, drop off Sunday night get it back Wednesday night, drop off fri night get it back sunday afternoon, as an example if that helps in your planning. I just finished up a car, I have a Shelby coming in April 20 weekend so that weekend is booked.Let me know your thoughts and we can make it work. My cell is 603 819 1549, text or call. Happy Easter !!
  2. Hey Jimmy hope this finds you well I would like to have you detail the paint on my car I would like to wait till the weather get's better Maybe late April or some time in may
    I am having some surgery the first of May and will be out of commission for a few weeks lets me know if we can work this out Thanks
  3. Hey Jimmy hope this finds you well I have a question a while back someone asked about the light weight car cover's on a roll the lightweight plastic.You also mentioned a website for a cheap light weight cover
    I just want something I can slip on real quick to keep the dust off.I did look it up and they were like 39.00 [I] just can"t remember the web page "HELP"
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